We tweet about SAR, Oakville, Lake Ontario, Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary

Longest Canadian pier in the Great Lakes coming to Mississauga, Ont. | https://t.co/RNyLy6bF01 https://t.co/LGHEAkmQff

Seasonal Closure of Canadian Coast Guard Rescue Boat Stations in Ontario - #PortWeller station and ⁦ @CoastGuardCAN⁩ cutter CCGC Cape Lambton to end operations for the season on December 13 https://t.co/7QWtSfrQZF

Feeling pride for the Rescue Boat. Seventy seven missions this year and twenty years of service she has rescued thousands of #Oakville boaters and given her very best efforts searching for those who never returned. https://t.co/Gp5w2ATq3V So ends our 67th season. https://t.co/h4Mn10LSk3

Flare sightings are treated as MAYDAY calls. ⁦ @USCGGreatLakes⁩ crews searching #LakeErie after emergency flares fired near Lorain Ohio https://t.co/ubQoDPkySi

Our last day of regularly scheduled shifts. Will be on call until Rescue Boat stored for winter. Today Crew 2 assisted a senior citizen who had taken a fall near HQ and escorted her safely home. Yesterday Crew 1 did rough water training as shown in picture. https://t.co/hd8cggpGeg TOWARF photo

Landmark evening for @TOWARF Coxswain and past Commander Rick Bee - his 100th tasking! BZ RICK! We were asked to search for and assist a female kayaker off #PortCredit having difficulty. @TPSOperations located and confirmed all accounted for and in fair condition. https://t.co/thh2m48Io9 TOWARF photo