We tweet about SAR, Oakville, Lake Ontario, Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary

Check out “Slumberland” on Netflix. The cast and crew of the newly released ⁦ @netflix⁩ movie were our guests for filming #Oakville pier, lighthouse, HQ & radio room. Their significant donation was appreciated. https://t.co/34DIpPwIHG
We are proud to join other community members paying tribute to veterans as part of the Royal Canadian Legion #Oakville Remembrance Parade and the George’s Square Ceremony. https://t.co/FsZyh6gKap TOWARF photo
Volunteer rescue group responded to 43 calls on Lake Ontario this year - salute to ⁦ #SARPartner @gamru240⁩ for a landmark season. Support them at https://t.co/AYf6X9TZMe https://t.co/BaQ4fHLpTb