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Rescue Boat heading out to assist a 30ft powerboat adrift 4 to 5nm off #Bronte. Tasked by @JRCCTrentCCCOS after Marine Assistance Radio Broadcast. Tasking number 30 for this season compared to 25 all last year. https://t.co/aq4xGa1yZc https://t.co/y6WtbxqCU3 TOWARF photo

Callout from @JRCCTrentCCCOS. Marine Assistance Radio Broadcasts #MARB for a 28ft O’Day lost power off #PortCredit. Stood down. Vessel assisted with replacement battery. Track our vessel on #AIS at https://t.co/c4GRZFC4uA https://t.co/dPE5dyPVRA TOWARF photo

Two new Marine Search and Rescue recruits learning how to do sector searches this evening. Looks really good doesn’t it? Interested in learning new skills and making a contribution to the community? Check out our membership page. https://t.co/don03mt9aI https://t.co/OR1WvOs7AW TOWARF photo

13-foot Tri Hull fibreglass powerboat with two adults and three children, flipped over in the Detroit River between Canada and the U.S. Two large lake freighters were passing the area at the time ⁦ @OPP_Newshttps://t.co/VtNUPnYZ7H

Fourth call of the day. MAYDAY call for kite surfer in trouble 500 metres off Humber Bay Park. Rescue Boat tasked by @JRCCTrentCCCOS. Stood down. Surfer safe ashore. https://t.co/eXlvMYLMAn TOWARF photo

Third call of the day. Maritime Assistance Radio Broadcast 36ft sloop 1POB lost power off #Bronte. Towed to Bronte Outer Harbour. Tasked by @JRCCTrentCCCOS https://t.co/nACWXUNHXF TOWARF photo