We tweet about SAR, Oakville, Lake Ontario, Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary

Today’s crew was busy. This must be a record.  Gotta weigh at least a ton.  Towed in from out in the lake.  Didn’t want someone to hit it at speed at night! https://t.co/qaGKzywCtK TOWARF photo
Tasked by @JRCCTrentCCCOS to search for kayaker in possible danger. Located PIW in distress - hit by the storm, capsized and in water for 20-25 minutes. Assessed and treated for hypothermia and shock. Returned #Oakville harbour and transferred care to @RegionofHalton Paramedics https://t.co/EGgY5DuR6w
Federal agents rescue recreational boater in Lake Ontario as his boat was sinking https://t.co/0w452Gg94v
HAZMAT unit and ⁦ @HaltonPolice⁩ called to reported fuel spill in Oakville Harbour | The Star https://t.co/7mOxfkbgf3
Tasked by @JRCCTrentCCCOS to investigate an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon [EPIRB] activation in Hamilton Harbour. Stood down after Rescue Centre confirmed that there was no emergency. Read up on EPIRBs here https://t.co/xFBVvvvXXp https://t.co/Z0cprLtQ9b TOWARF photo
PAN PAN for a disabled vessel in Humber Bay. Rescue Boat tasked by @JRCCTrentCCCOS to assist. Stood down. @TPSMarineUnit on scene. https://t.co/bpb5x8CHNE TOWARF photo