We tweet about SAR, Oakville, Lake Ontario, Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary

V-BAT VTOL vertical take-off and landing UAV selected by Canadian Coast Guard ⁦ @CoastGuardCANhttps://t.co/rb2Oo6PfZi

Man charged for impaired driving after pickup truck falls through ice in Hamilton ⁦ @HPSMarine
https://t.co/3mbSKLsgWk https://t.co/0hl28qUJPc
TOWARF photo

US, Canada coast guards working to ease flooding at St. Clair River ⁦ @USCGGreatLakes⁩ ⁦ @CoastGuardCANhttps://t.co/uUONydAGwj

Three people were air-lifted to safety after becoming stranded while ice fishing on Lake St. Clair. A helicopter crew from the U.S. Coast Guard’s Air Station Detroit rescued them. @USCGGreatLakes


Joint winter water safety campaign reminds residents to stay safe around bodies of water. To learn more about winter water safety, check out this informative video from Oakville Fire Chief Paul Boissonneault. ⁦ @oakvillefire⁩ ⁦ @townofoakvillehttps://t.co/popUOXzuQQ

Cliff Feehan @TOWARF Commander interviewed about dangers of hypothermia and missing persons on #LakeOntario https://t.co/fsIFefdViG