We tweet about SAR, Oakville, Lake Ontario, Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary

Last Wednesday particularly busy for our #volunteers with 3 calls: possible missing person, multiple capsized dinghy’s & PIWs, and report of possible sailboat in distress. All incidents safely resolved. Pictures show working with #SARPartners @HaltonPolice on one of the taskings https://t.co/3Qf6Wm9OoP TOWARF photo
Rescue boat returns this evening from a rainy but quiet evening of training. Last week our #volunteers surpassed 70 missions for the season. New boaters, pool toys and paddlers have been a significant part of that increase. https://t.co/9DrNgk54g7
Cold Water Zoom Workshops- You will learn everything you need to know to survive an accidental cold water immersion and also how to help others who may have become hypothermic. Learn from renowned “Dr Popsicle” ⁦ @CSBCCANADA#safeboating https://t.co/cikOVQMXKp
Police investigating after woman's body pulled from Lake Ontario in Etobicoke | CityNews Toronto https://t.co/8JGv86rvYZ
Hovercraft service plans to connect Niagara and Toronto https://t.co/mZCfEu5s3u
Yesterday a #CoastWatcher report to @JRCCTrentCCCOS lead to the rescue of an adult and 2 children stranded on the rocks in a rented vessel. Well done! Find out more about Coast Watchers at https://t.co/Y2XvpKVnMO https://t.co/oKyVl0ojrP TOWARF photo