We tweet about SAR, Oakville, Lake Ontario, Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary

Fuel safety is an essential boating skill. Transport Canada’s Safe Boating Guide https://t.co/3bzaRRTHSR provides a detailed checklist that should be followed every time. #Oakville harbours have had life threatening explosions and boat fires @oakvillefire https://t.co/Vs2zuWFOdp TOWARF photo

YET ANOTHER REFUELLING RELATED FIRE! Marina staff ensured #Orillia boat fire contained but vessel was destroyed. It occurred in The Narrows erupting shortly after it was refuelled. Persons on board escaped safely. https://t.co/EC3VZAaZ6p

Rescue Boat heading out for training exercises. Our volunteers are following the ⁦ @CCGACA#COVID19 protocols. For more information check out website at https://t.co/yXtxmb2f7s https://t.co/9x9wTpo7Wo TOWARF photo

MAYDAY RELAY from Prescott Coast Guard Radio. 25ft vessel 4POB near #Oakville Shell Park taking on water @HRPSMarine responded with TOWARF tasked by @JRCCTrentCCCOS - all persons safe - distress vessel towed to #Bronte harbour https://t.co/5PN9xRtHjL TOWARF photo

If you have a marine emergency your best way to get assistance is to call Coast Guard Radio on Ch 16 on your Marine VHF Radio. The modest investment in a marine radio and getting a certificate to operate it can pay off in safer boating. https://t.co/MEmYHJkXre https://t.co/4nV7moVuBH TOWARF photo