Organization structure

Executive Committee


Cliff Feehan 

Oversees TOWARF executive; chairs executive meetings; oversees all committees and activities within TOWARF; interfaces with CCGA; interfaces with Town of Oakville; oversees Communications Officer and boat & equipment


Ryan Glaves

Public and media relations; webmaster and social media. 

Rear Commander

Nick Lloyd-Davies




Membership; initial crew placement & dissemination of member details to all departments; training committee; updates crew records; crew development; quartermaster; TOWARF SAR exercises prime; buildings and grounds committee; 


Kris Gordon

Organizes and ensures a competent after-hours callout team is in place throughout the boating season; information technology; boating safety; coast watchers


Craig Woodall

Financial and budgetary aspect of TOWARF; submitting SAR forms to CCGA; recording secretary

Representative of Oakville Town Council

Peter Longo 

Committee chairs

Kris Gordon

Boating Safety 

To be appointed

Training/Crew Development

Craig Woodall

Coast Watchers

Ryan Glaves

Media Relations

Rick Paradis

Public Relations

Dave O’Halloran

Building & Grounds

Ian Gilson


Rick Bee


David Hoff

Webmaster & Google Group Moderator

Josh Camacho

Boat & Equipment

Andrew McMeekin

Information Technology

Mike Miller

Electronics Officer

Craig Woodall

Recording Secretary