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TOWARF Conducts

Transport Canada

Office of Boating Safety

Pleasure Craft Courtesy Checks

TOWARF members have received Transport Canada training and are now authorized to provide PCCCs. 

If your vessel is in the Oakville area, is privately owned and no more than 20m in length, here is an opportunity to have a TOWARF member review with you the safety equipped required for your vessel to comply with safe boating laws, and it is FREE! If you agree to have a check done, a trained boating safety volunteer will board your boat to check out the safety equipment and other requirements, identify any problems and discuss general boating safety issues. 

Education and prevention are the keys to this program. Since there are never any penalties involved, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about boating safety and make sure that you are ready to head out on the water. The knowledge you gain from a courtesy check will help you to stay safe on the water year after year. 

A PCCC is neither mandatory nor required by law. However, the law does require carriage of the prescribed safety equipment. A PCCC is not a test; you cannot fail it. The objective is to help you ensure your vessel is compliant with safe boating laws and to promote safety awareness. 

The TOWARF member has no enforcement function so if anything is found wanting, they will offer suggestions that can assist you in remedying the deficiencies.  The information obtained during a pleasure craft courtesy check will not be forwarded to any enforcement agency. No information is collected that would serve to identify you or your vessel. Information is retained for survey purposes only. A courtesy check does help you ensure that you will not be found in violation of safe boating laws should you be pulled over by authorities on the water.  More importantly, it helps you avoid a situation where you are ill prepared for an unexpected emergency. Having a PCCC shows that you are a responsible boater who cares for those on board your vessel. 

To request a PCCC by TOWARF, please complete this form and TOWARF will contact you.

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