Ship's Log 2008



SAR = Search and Rescue Tasking

Non-SAR = An on water service provided as a  courtesy to the boater

Other = Other community services


CCG = Canadian Coast Guard

CCGA = Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary

Coastwatcher = Volunteer in TOWARF’s Waterfront Watch Program

DSC = Digital Selective Calling Marine VHF Radio

HQ = Towarf Headquarters

HRPS = Halton Region Police Service

JRCC = Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, Trenton

MARB = Marine Assistance Radio Broadcast

OFD = Oakville Fire Department

OPBC = Oakville Power Boat Club

PCCC = Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check

POB = Persons on Board

Prescott (PCGR) = Prescott Coast Guard Radio

PWC = Personal Water Craft

TECC = TOWARF Emergency Callout Crew

SAR and Non-SAR Taskings Plus Other Events 2008 Season (UNOFFICIAL)
DateSAR NonSAR OtherCrewDescription
26-AprSARCrew 10Small fishing vessel (no VHF -- alerted by other boater) with mechanical problems -- 2 adults and 2 children on board -- 1M offshore between Oakville and Bronte. Waves 1.5m. Towed to Oakville
5-MaySARCrew 11Prescott received a Mayday and JRCC tasked TOWARF -- 25 ft Boston Whaler mechanical problems -- 1 adult 3 children on Board -- Towed from 3M South of Western Gap to Mimico Creek
12-MayOtherTECC & CoastwatchersCall from Coastwatcher to on call phone -- Telephone pole size deadhead 500m offshore east end of Coronation -- Notified Prescott -- Added to Notices to Shipping
16-MaySARSpecial CrewAttended in Toronto for Kick-Off of Safe Boating Awareness Week
24-MayOtherCrew 2, PR, PreventionBronte Outer Harbour Marina Safe Boating Day -- Rescue Boat on Display and conducted PCCCs
25-MaySARCrew 4Cell call to HQ from 23' Wellcraft -- engine failure --  1M West of PetroCanada Pier. 1M off shore.1 male, 2 females on board. Towed to Bronte.
25-MayOtherCrew 4, B&EProvide first aid, called 911 and assisted paramedics with an injured cyclist complaining of back pain (behind HQ building)
25-MayNonSARCrew 5Towed a vessel from mouth of Oakville Harbour with fuel leak -- solo captain
6-JunSARCrew 828ft Bayliner West of Bronte mechanical problem -- towed to Bronte -- 3 males on board -- waves less than 1m
6-JunSARCrew 8Tasked by JRCC -- Vessel towed to Bronte
6-JunOtherTECC, Coastwatchers, Crew 8Call from Coastwatcher to on call phone -- Yellow marker buoy adrift 500 m off East end of Coronation Park -- Investigated by Crew 8
6-JunOtherPreventionAbout 10 PCCCs completed by TOWARF members at OPBC
7-JunOtherCoastwatcher & Crew 9Coastwatcher called HQ -- Vessel stationary for 15 min and appears to be signaling -- Crew 9 investigates and found all to be OK
8-JunSARCrew 1Tasked by JRCC to look for 23 ft SeaRay in the Bronte area. Vessel returned to Oakville Harbour
8-JunOtherTECCCallout for overdue sailing vessel out of Bronte Harbour -- Vessel returned to Bronte and tasking canceled by JRCC prior to launching Rescue Boat
8-JunOtherTECC, Crew 1Flares sighted near Port Dalhousie. Reported to JRCC. TECC stood additional watch after crew Crew 1 shift. No tasking
14-JunNonSARCrew 8JRCC issued a MARB following a Mayday from a 28 ft vessel with 2 POB and mechanical problems. Provided courtesy tow to Port Credit
15-JunSAR/NonSARCrew 9Tasked to assist vessel East of Oakville -- Nearest safe haven Oakville -- towed on to Bronte as courtesy
19-JunSARTECCCallout by JRCC for a drifting 20 ft powerboat off St Lawrence Pier with mechanical problem -- 4 POB (One Child) No VHF -- Alerted by cellphone. Towed to Oakville
20-JunOtherPrevention16 Pleasure Craft Courtesy Checks completed at OPBC by TOWARF Boating Safety Specialists
21-JunOtherCrew 6Remained on duty late to provide assistance -- if required -- at Waterfront Festival fireworks display
22-JunOtherCrew 8Removed hazard to navigation from lake -- large floating log
27-JunOtherCrew 1Uncharted private buoy reported to Prescott -- added to Safety Notices to Shipping
29-JunOtherTECCCalled out by JRCC to assist vessel in distress - cancelled before Rescue Boat launched
30-JunOtherTECCProvided additional patrol time on extended Canada Day weekend
1-JulOtherPR, Crew 1 Welcomed more than 300 visitors for Rescue Boat tours at Bronte Canada Day celebrations -- Distributed boating safety literature for kids and adults
1-JulOtherCrew 8Patrolled area during Bronte Canada Day fireworks display 
6-JulSARTECC & Crew 1Boater called TOWARF requesting assistance -- tasked by JRCC -- towed 22 ft power boat from St. Lawrence pier area to Oakville -- 2 POB  -- No VHF radio
6-JulOtherCrew 3Investigated report of submerged marker buoy 1/2M South of Oakville Harbour -- Found it anchored and submerged 2m underwater -- Unable to hoist aboard Rescue Boat -- Reported to Prescott 
13-JulSARCrew 2Alerted by a cellphone call to HQ -- Tasked by JRCC to assist a vessel adrift 1/2M off shore East of Oakville -- 6 POB -- Towed to Oakville
13-JulSARCrew 1While completing a tow to Oakville, Rescue Boat tasked to assist a 27ft sailboat with no fuel having difficulties making port in Port Credit -- 1 POB -- Stood down by JRCC prior to responding
13-JulSARCrew 1Alerted by a cellphone call to HQ -- Tasked by JRCC to assist disable 18ft Doral adrift off Gairloch Gardens -- 2 POB -- Towed to Oakville Harbour
18-JulSARSpecial Crew & Crew 7CCGA National Public Service Announcement and Documentary Video Shot in Oakville and Lake Ontario  -- More than 15 TOWARF volunteers make it happen.
20-JulSARCrew 10Prescott issued a Mayday relay for a swimmer missing at Burlington Lift Bridge and reports of someone calling for help -- dense fog in area -- TOWARF arrived on scene as Alliance 1 Police Boat recovered the swimmer
31-JulOtherCrew 2Rescued an apparently disturbed person who jumped into the lake at Oakville lighthouse and could not swim (TOWARF Members nominated for citizen recognition award by Halton Regional Police Service. "In the opinion of the responding police officers, combined efforts of Mr. JOLY and YAREMA saved this female from drowning. I would also like to commend both Benoit and Brad for their quick-thinking, teamwork, and bravery during this incident." )
2-AugSARCrew 5 & Special CrewParticipated in Coast Guard Auxiliary night SAR training exercise off 50 Point
3-AugSARCrew 6Tasked by JRCC to assist a disable vessel off Port Credit -- Towed to Lakeview boat ramp
3-AugNonSARCrew 3Assisted Halton Regional Police Service in investigating a report of a sunken house boat in an Oakville creek
4-AugSARCrew 8Tasked by JRCC to assist a disabled 25' power boat with 4 POB -- towed to Bronte Harbour
6-AugOtherCrew 10Investigated a 5 inch plastic pipe floating off Oakville Harbour -- Pipe more than 100 feet long with 12 feet floating above water -- Marked with a buoy and reported to Prescott 
9-AugOtherCrew 2Stood by to assist in Mayday off 50 Point -- Not required by JRCC
11-AugNonSARCrew 6Assisted sailing vessel with engine failure in Oakville Harbour
13-AugOtherCrew 1Citizen reported man with handgun in park near HQ -- notified Halton Regional Police Service -- Movie Shoot Prop
16-AugOtherCrew 1Stood by to assist with reports of flares sighted off Grimsby -- Not required by JRCC
17-AugOtherCrew 2Stood by to assist 42 ft Catalina with engine problem which was resolved
17-AugNonSARCrew 2Assisted sailing vessel with engine failure in Oakville Harbour
20-AugSARCrew 6Disabled sailing vessel towed to Oakville Harbour -- Tasked by JRCC
22-AugOtherCrew 8Advised Halton Regional Police Service of abandoned vessel moored off Oakville -- Oakville Yacht Squadron also notified and recovered vessel
23-AugSARCrew 10Telephone call received at HQ -- Disabled 30 ft sailboat off Lakeside Park -- 3 POB -- Tasked by JRCC towed to Mimico
30-AugNonSARCrew 8Escorted sailing vessel to Bronte harbour. Vessel's navigation lights not working
1-SepSARCrew 5Tasked by JRCC to assist a vessel in distress -- towed to Port Credit
3-SepNonSARCrew 3Received a call by cellphone at HQ -- vessel aground near Oakville harbour -- Prescott informed -- Police Marine Unit also responded and was able to refloat vessel.
6-SepNonSARCrew 6Prescott issued a Pan Pan relating to an overdue vessel. Rescue Boat assisted in investigation. Vessel returned safely to harbour.
10-SepNonSARCrew 11Sailboat aground near Oakville harbour -- TOWARF refloated and escorted to harbour.
16-SepSARTECC & Crew 8TECC received call from JRCC as Crew 8 shift began. Responded to a distress vessel off Port Credit. TOWARF stood down as Peel Police Marine Unit on scene.
19-SepNonSARCrew 11Escorted sailing vessel to Bronte harbour. Vessel's navigation lights not working
21-SepSARCrew 3Tasked by JRCC to assist a disabled sailing vessel off Bronte with 2 POB. Towed to safe haven.
23-SepSARCrew 6Mayday call from 24 ft sailing vessel near PetroCanada pier -- 1 POB. Towed vessel away from rocks. Freighter at pier deployed rescue vessel to assist. Peel Police Marine Unit also on scene. Master of vessel appeared unwell. Treated for mild hypothermia. Towed to Port Credit.
27-SepOtherPR CommitteeOakville Fire Department Prevention Week Kick-Off Event -- TOWARF Booth Promoting Boating Safety -- Distributed 500 boating safety booklets to kids
4-OctSARCrew 9 & TECCOakville Fire Department called -- 20 ft fishing vessel 2 POB disabled near Shell Pier -- Tasked by JRCC -- Escorted distress vessel and OYC tow boat to Bronte Harbour
10-OctNonSARCrew 8Assisted boaters entering Oakville Harbour during thick fog -- Foghorn not operating
13-OctSARCrew 10HRPS called HQ -- Citizen reporting disabled vessel near shore between Appleby and Burloak -- Tasked by JRCC -- 15 ft power boat 1 POB -- No VHF -- Towed to Bronte Harbour
14-OctOtherSpecial CrewSendoff Celebration "Falcon GT" departing Bronte Harbour bound for Australia --
28-OctSARCrew 7 & TECCJRCC called with a tasking to assist a motor vessel disable with 2 POB off Mimico -- Arrived on scene but Metro Police had distress vessel in tow
31-Oct  Last Day of 2008 Patrol Season
8-Nov B&E & TECCTECC On Call Availability Ends -- Rescue Boat removed from water for season and winterized 
11-Nov  TOWARF Participates in Parade & Ceremony at Oakville Cenotaph
7-SepSARCrew 8 and TECCMayday received by Prescott -- 18 ft vessel 3 POB. TOWARF was first vessel tasked by JRCC and last to end after overnight search involving 2 Coast Guard vessels, Peel and Metro Police and two aircraft. 

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Unit # 008 of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary

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