Ship's Log 2012


SAR = Search and Rescue Tasking

Non-SAR = An on water service provided as a courtesy to the boater

Other = Other community services

CCG = Canadian Coast Guard

CCGA = Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary

Coastwatcher = Volunteer in TOWARF’s Waterfront Watch Program

DSC = Digital Selective Calling Marine VHF Radio

HQ = Towarf Headquarters

HRPS = Halton Region Police Service

JRCC = Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, Trenton

MARB = Marine Assistance Radio Broadcast

OFD = Oakville Fire Department

OPBC = Oakville Power Boat Club

PCCC = Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check

POB = Persons on Board

PIW = Person in Water

Prescott (PCGR) = Prescott Coast Guard Radio

PWC = Personal Water Craft

TECC = TOWARF Emergency Callout Crew

 7-Apr Rescue Boat returns from winter storage. Awaiting engine replacement.
14-Apr Engine swap, stocking and cleaning the Rescue Boat keeps our volunteers busy today
17-Apr AGM at Town Hall - Peter Fairweather awarded Member of the Year by Commander Mark Dowinton - Fred W Oliver Award for outstanding crew of the year goes to Capt Meghan Pond Smith and Crew 8
2-May Our first incident of the season! Rescue Boat provides courtesy tow to sailboat.
21-May Tasked by Rescue Center to assist vessel out of fuel towed 7.3nm to Bronte Harbour 5POB
23-May Notify and assist Oakville Fire - suspected fuel spill Bronte Outer Harbour
31-May Tasked by Rescue Center escorted partially demasted vessel to Oakville Harbour
6-Jun Alert Coast Watcher reports sailboat in difficulty in thunderstorm - incident resolved before Rescue Boat dispatched
8-Jun tasked by Rescue Centre emergency CALLOUT crew responded to 30 ft sailboat with mechanical problems 8POB towed to Bronte finished 1am
10-Jun Oakville Mayor’s Picnic & Band Concert at Lakeside Park and TOWARF holds Open House for visitors
10-Jun Major search Western ‪Lake Ontario for missing PWC 1POB found safe on land - 2 CCGA 1 CCG vessel
10-Jun Tasked by Rescue Centre to assist power boat with mechanical problem towing to Bronte
10-Jun Mayday person in water Rescue Boat diverting from earlier tasking - Halton Marine 1 on scene and persons safe
14-Jun CALLOUT crew activated by Rescue Centre to assist sailboat in distress off ‪Bronte Harbour - stood down before Rescue Boat launched
16-Jun tasked by JRCC to assist PWC disabled off Edgemere Park 3POB towed to ‪Oakville Harbour
16-Jun Mayday Relay from Coast Guard radio - 4 year old PIW tasked by JRCC to Jack Darling Park area - child found and our boat stood down
19-Jun Call from Halton Police Dispatch - disabled vessel off Bronte - tasked by Rescue Centre - Towed to ‪Oakville Harbour
23-Jun TOWARF Boating Safety Specialists do free PCCC at Oakville Public Dock for boater who signed up on website
24-Jun TOWARF Boating Safety Specialists are hosted by Oakville Yacht Squadron Commodore and do PCCCs on TGIF Race Night20-Jun Rescue Center CALLOUT for 19 ft power boat with mechanical failure 2POB - Crew 5 towed them to ‪Bronte Harbour
29-Jun Met with 10 youth sailing instructors at Bronte Harbour Yacht Club. Topics: boating safety, contacts in case of emergency and TOWARF.
30-Jun Requested by Coast Guard to stand by if required for distress vessel off 50 Point - stood down30-Jun Tasked by Rescue Centre - 19' powerboat 4POB disabled off St Lawrence Pier - towed to Port Credit
1-Jul Rescue Boat began afternoon at Bronte talking to folks attending Canada Day event and giving boat tours
1-Jul Pan Pan overturned sailboat 2 PIW - on scene with Halton Police - minor injuries - Rescue Boat towed vessel - Police transport crew
1-Jul First aid to rollerblader on pier in Bronte with apparent broken leg - transferred care to EMS when they arrived on scene
2-Jul Volunteers do speedy engine replacement so Rescue Boat can be available for marine emergencies - Awesome effort by members - Rescue Boat back in service to long weekend boaters after engine changed in less than 8 hours
2-Jul Members stop work on Rescue Boat to assist boater with engine failure in Oakville Harbour
2-Jul Responded to disabled powerboat taking on water just off Oakville - engine started escorted to Harbour –Halton Police also on scene
8-Jul Tasked by rescue centre towed disabled powerboat 1POB from St Lawrence Pier area to Oakville - Courtesy tow on to Bronte
8-Jul Tasked by Rescue Centre to investigate report of orange raft 4km off Coronation - questioned nearby vessels and searched nothing found
14-Jul Provided minor fist aid to fisherman who approached Rescue Boat with cut arm
16-Jul Stood by to assist but not required - 21' disabled power boat
21-Jul Three people have been taken to hospital after a boat exploded Saturday afternoon in the Oakville Harbour
21-Jul telephone report from Coast Watcher - Paddle Boater in difficulty - Rescue Boat investigated - All Okay
22-Jul Rescue Boat in Bronte Outer Harbour - completed 3 free Pleasure Craft Courtesy Checks22-Jul Bronte Harbour - provided first aid to young girl with cuts to leg
22-Jul Coast Watcher identifies possible distress vessel - tasked by Rescue Centre - no assistance required
23-Jul CALLOUT crew responds to reports of vessel on rocks in Oakville Harbour - good Samaritan secured vessel - Rescue Boat not required
24-Jul Rescue Boat attends Port Credit Boat Show and welcomes visitors
30-Jul Received report from HRPS. JRCC tasks Rescue Boat to assist 18 ft bowrider that hit a rock. Vessel towed to safety.
5-Aug 2:15 AM CALLOUT from JRCC. Disabled sailboat off Oakville Harbour 4POB. Rough seas. Towed. Rescue Boat secured at 3:30AM
6-Aug Tasked by JRCC to assist disabled vessel on rocks near Coronation Park 3POB. Refloated with help of Good Samaritan & towed to Bronte
6-Aug Mayday Relay possible PIW from raft off Burlington Beach. Searched w/ DND helicopter, HRPS & a Good Samaritan. Nothing found.
16-Aug CALLOUT from JRCC - Rescue Boat launched to assist stranded 12 ft Seadoo w/ 5 POB near Oakville St Lawrence pier Lake Ontario
20-Aug Tasked by JRCC 19' fishing boat adrift off PortCredit 1POB - when on scene Good Samaritan had already assisted them to Harbour
2-Sep CALLOUT - Disabled vessel off Oakville Harbour - stood down before Rescue Boat launched - assisted by Good Samaritan
12-Sep Tasked by JRCC to assist disabled vessel off Port Credit - Stood down - vessel and crew safe
22-Sep CALLOUT crew activated by JRCC - missing windsurfer Hamilton bay - stood down before Rescue Boat launched - person located
3-Oct CALLOUT Mayday Vessel on rocks in thick fog near Shell Pier - Rescue Boat on scene in record time - 2POB Rescued
27-Oct Oakville Beaver reporter and photographer did a "ride along" on the Rescue Boat for demonstration of volunteer marine SAR in action
28-Oct  Recruitment event today, with mock rescue scenarios.
31-Oct This is our 58th season of service. Halloween was our last patrol night for 2012. We will remain on call until about Nov 10.
10-Nov At 0800 hrs our 58th season ended as the Rescue Boat was hauled. Watch for it and our volunteers in the Santa Clause parade next weekend.
11-Nov Nine TOWARF members and five new recruits marched to the Oakville cenotaph ceremonies with other emergency services and veterans.
25-Nov Rescue Boat and members in the 2012 Oakville Santa Clause Parade

Supported by the Town of Oakville and Local Boaters
Unit # 008 of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary

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