CCGA Units

Sister Units!

As a part of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (Central & Arctic Region), we have many ‘sister’ community units across the country!  Some of the more local ones are listed here, and you can check out their websites as well!

Grimsby Auxiliary Marine Rescue Unit
Known as:   GAMRU
Location:     Grimsby, ON.

Hamilton Beach Rescue Unit
Known as:    HBRU
Location:      Hamilton, ON

Port Colborne Marine Auxiliary Rescue

Known as:     POCOMAR
Location:       Port Colborne, ON

Pickering Auxiliary Rescue Association
Known as:     PARA
Location:       Pickering, ON

COMRA (formerly City of Oshawa Marine Rescue Association)
Known as:     COMRA
Location:       Oshawa, ON

Quinte Search and Rescue
Known as:      QSAR
Location:        Belleville, ON.

Supported by the Town of Oakville and Local Boaters
Unit # 008 of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary

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